Clara Diamond Solutions

How It Works

Every rough diamond is unique

Clara’s revolutionary technology platform modernizes the diamond supply chain by eliminating the need for batch selling. Rough diamonds are sold stone by stone.

Producers scan all rough diamonds as they are extracted (continuous, real time)

Rough Diamond Scans Are Uploaded To Clara

Matching stones to buyers

Through an exclusive partnership with Sarine, Clara enables scanning at the source, providing sophisticated cloud-based analysis. This technology empowers Clara to pair the right rough diamond with the specific manufacturer who can realize its full potential.

Clara matches each polished order with the optimal rough stone

Maximizing the potential of every stone

Manufacturers request a rough diamond by submitting their desired polished stone parameters. Clara automatically matches the optimized rough stone with a manufacturer’s order on a stone-by-stone basis.

Clara matches the sellers with buyers based on strength of demand from the buyer

Meeting consumers demand for transparency

Clara advances a healthier industry by creating efficiencies and unlocking market value on multiple levels. Clara’s blockchain business solution increases integrity and transparency throughout the value chain and ensures diamond provenance from mine to finger.